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Maya Solar

La opción natural y eco-friendly para bloquear los rayos solares. Etnobotánica Maya para el mundo.

We are a Mexican company founded in 2001, in Mérida, Yucatán, with the objective of offering products of the highest quality, developed by investigating the oldest Mayan ethnobotanical tradition, rescuing from this the most effective natural ingredients for the care of the skin.

In our research and product development laboratories we select the plants and minerals of the region with high content of vitamins and minerals to alleviate, care for and protect the skin, with them we have created the cVc (Cutaneous Vitamin Supplement), a concentrated mixture of Chaya , Achiote, Bee Wax, Coconut Palm Oil and minerals extracted from the Chicxulub Crater that form the basis of our products, providing the body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients required to be healthy, smooth and hydrated when receiving the harmful rays of the sun.

Bloquea los rayos solares de manera natural

The most healthy and natural way to block the sun’s rays is by refracting or deviating them to avoid contact with the skin (physical sunscreens), so that instead of using chemicals to inhibit harmful rays we use minerals that reflect and deviate them before contact with the skin, avoiding the possible consequences of the use of other sunscreen’s chemicals.

Our specialized line of sunscreens GUARANTEES the maximum natural protection, avoiding premature aging, the annoying spots and wrinkles caused by the sun.

Concerned about your well-being, we guarantee our products 100% carcinogen-free.

Our natural components facilitate the biodegradation of the product and guarantee non-contamination; so Maya Solar has been recognized and admitted to multiple eco-parks.